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Elegant solutions for power supply and battery charging applications

Market Successes

Pure Electronic Power Expertise!

Established in 1990 Castlepower Electronics specialises in the design and manufacture of power electronic systems. An important part of our service is the redesign and manufacture of cost effective replacements for obsolete and unreliable power systems.

“If you need a power supply or battery charger solution, Castlepower are the best! ”


“We had a serious problem with our ship board safety lighting system, the manufacturer had spent 9 months trying to resolve the problem without success. Castlepower analysed the failure and took a innovative approach and resolved the problem within days. Marvellous!”

Markets and Industries

Castlepower is expert in the design and manufacture of low to medium volume power electronic solutions. One-off drop-in replacements for legacy products a speciality.

Castlepower’s wide experience and variety of designs allows a very rapid response to the customers requirements. Frequently the solution can incorporate a “modular” approach, minimising costs and leadtimes.